Riesling Wine Tasting


Riesling is recognised as the king of white wine which demonstrates a uniqueness of wide spectrum of styles ranging from bone dry to deliciously sweet. Together with its fruity character and elegant, crisp acidity,  Riesling is so versatile that it pairs up perfectly well with many different cuisines, in particular with Asian dishes.


In our regular Riesling Tasting, you will have the chance to taste different categories of Rieslings and enrich your wine experiences. The programme covers:

  • Discover the fascinating world of the most sophisticated white grape in a private, elegant and relaxed atmosphere (max. 12 people per tasting)
  • Taste some of the best Riesling wines from Germany, the origin of Riesling
  • Experience the versatility of Riesling: dry, off-dry, sweet and noble sweet
  • Witness how the wines were grown, made and what makes them special (e.g. how soil and climate influences taste)
  • Interesting stories about the wine estates
  • Learn about the German wine classification system and how to read the wine label
  • Learn how to pair food with Riesling

The coming tastings


14 Apr 2013 (Tue)

8:00pm - 9:45pm

Amo Eno Wine Bar, Shop 3027, Podium Level 3, 

IFC Mall, One Harbour View Street,Central


Please register by sending an e-mail to contact@bachmairwines.com